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A delicate way of utilizing energy through the use of Tai Chi incorporating the principles of Cubical Politics. It is a way to increase the space of your cubicle, relieve stress and balance the existing energy in your cubicle while at the same time, not intruding on the sovereign territories of office co-workers.
"Hey Gordo, check out that new-age freak! What's wrong with him?"

"Oh, that's a new thing Larry. It's called Cube Chi. It is supposed to help with increasing your cubicle space while maintaining a balanced relationship with your... ack!!..."

<Gordo get's kicked in the neck by Larry>

"Hey Gordo, when you can breathe again, tell that cheese dick to stop hugging my trees or I'm gonna rip out his eyes and skull fuck him."
by it_support_monkey September 30, 2007
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