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See also: Colombian Necktie.

A slit across the neck just below the jawline, where the chin meets the neck, with the victim's tongue hanging down through the wound.
The victim was found sitting upright in a patent leather chair, traces of cocaine on the desk, and suffering from what police only describe as a Cuban Necktie.
by Jimmy Hardcore April 02, 2004
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A person who had their neck slit and tounge pulled back inward down the throat and out of the slit hole... which then hangs down like a necktie.

Orgin: Cuba. and anywhere that is corrupt.

some thirdworld gorilla warfare tactic terrorism jungle shit to tell people or the govt, that they are not playing around.
You notice Mr. Rodriquez's stich across his throat? he was a survivor of a cuban necktie attempt.
by Lec2 March 06, 2003
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Another way to say a slit throat, alluding to the belief that Cubans commonly cut throats.
"Holy shit, Emily! Did you hear about how Marty messed up with those two vatos and they gave him a cuban neck tie? Das fucked up!"
by martinBeezy June 05, 2006
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theres also brazillian and columbian necktie.

I don't think it's real. it's just a sick clever idea.

cypress hill has a track about cuban necktie.
by Satan April 30, 2003
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