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When here in the USA, the economy has deteriorated, incomes fallen dramatically behind European countries, starvation observed after the loss of non profit organization subsidies shortages, and queues are rife. When wages are halved or gone back to 1970 levels. When U.S. dollars per month on top of state-provided products and services such as a single bar of soap a month, some rice, "ground beef" that is more than 50 per cent soy is redefined by liberals as 100% pure. When paramount stimulus plan issues have been state salaries failing to meet personal needs under the state rationing system chronically plagued with shortages. When the variety and quantity of available rationed goods decline, when We The People and uSA citizens increasingly turn to the black market to obtain basic food, clothing, household, and health amenities. When the informal sector is characterized by what many americans call greed. Where corruption is common. Where preferential treatment exists for those who are members of the Communist/Socialist/Democrat Party or who hold positions of power within the NWO government. When access to transportation, work, housing, university education and better health care are a function of status within the government or the Communist Party. Where you are promised health care but are in fact rationed it when it is made "free".
The Dow is plummeting, AIG is being called on retention bonuses that everybody knew about for almost a year before President Obama signed it into law with knowledge of the exclusion clause, and this tax the rich scam is just another form of Cuban Economics.
by uzi_ March 17, 2009
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