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Similar to puppy, cub love is a purely blind crush on someone young by a cougar, or an older gay man. The person effected person will be smitten and stay infatuated until she/ he get her claws on him.

In severe cases people with cub love sometimes has these side effects:

* a high sex drive they feel wont ne satisfied unless by this crush.
*instant wetness or orgasm while thinking/walking and thinking of.
*easy excitement
*a giddiness and laugh similar to little girls.
* a happiness and cheerfulness that makes the person feel and act younger

*a wanting to claim the prime meet now.

These are good things k.

The best cure is to ask said out or buy him a drink.
Woman: Girl has a bad case of cub love for the wet dream guy at the end of the bar.
Woman 2: the one headin back to hid table of friends?
Woman with cub love: oh yeah
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by Theamazinggeek March 16, 2018
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