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The Crystal Star is a sex move involving two ice cubes (crystals) and a females (or a potentially thick male) ass. The trick is to put one ice cube in the asshole, and another on top of the ass itself and to fire your load on the top ice cube and let it drip down to the other. The second, newly cum soaked ice cube is then pounded further into the asshole, to melt.
Person 1: I feel like getting freaky tonight babe, do you want to do the "Crystal Star"?
Person 2: Abso-fucking-lutely
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by Gamberrowen May 31, 2018
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Crystal star is an unfamous pornstar. Crystal got her start on a video game called runescape, giving her photos out to guys. She became better and better at her craft, and eventually took her photos to websites across the internet. you can usually find one of crystal's picture's by googling porn and just going to about page 54 of google images.
Person 1: any good porn? I need something to whack to.

Person 2: ya man ever heard of Crystal Star? just google image "Porn" and you'll find a TON of her pics.
by innocent ivan November 30, 2009
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