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1. adj The feeling of being extremely exhausted.

2. adj The feeling of being so exhausted, you are off the walls hyper.
The campers on the bus were so crynos, they believed everything the counselors would tell them.

After eating a large amount of candy after getting no sleep, the campers were extremely crynos.
by ellabellag August 27, 2010
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A very large dinosuar that still walks the earth to this very day, if you listen closely you can here the crynos mating call (cough)(cough). The cryno are mainy found up north but they roller blade south for the summer. Cute, funny, sad and MIKE!!! are the crynos main vocabulary. The cryno somtimes like to dance to express there joy do not make fun of this creature or they could be very dangerous, if you do happen to do this run very fast west.
Examples of a cryno is none other then Christen Mundt she is the last one on earth
by Sabato January 17, 2008
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