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crusty: A phrase to describe someone who is dirty, trashy, slutty, etc.

nester: Woman (usually with kids) out on the scout for a husband. Achieving a husband through any deceptive practice necessary. When dating she is quick to move in for the kill by attempting to take over the said mans house. Much to the dismay of roomates and friends.

crusty nester: a dirty, trashy or slutty woman who is on the prowel for a husband/boyfriend, and moves into the poor man's house quickly, and takes over.
crusty: That crusty ass bitch got with my boyfriend last night. Stupid Hoe.

nester: That girl is surely a nester, already movin in after 3 months.

crusty nester: That girl is a real crusty nester, dude, better make sure she cleans your might get a disease.
by shan-manda February 21, 2011
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