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Crushing Guts is a time honored tradition practiced by males, dating back to the Stone Age. It is the act of fucking the shit out of a woman. You start out by easing your rock hard shaft into her battered vagina. Just ease it in, nice and slow. You do not want to rush it. After your cock is covered with her slimy cooze you can slowly start to pound it.. (remember: take it slow) in.... out..... in.... out... in.. (slowly getting faster) out.. in. By this time you should be pounding her pussy like an industrial strength jackhammer. No mercy.... You scream - "Oh no, I can't hold it any longer!! Ugghaahhh.. Ooo!!!" After your ball-sac explodes like Hiroshima, her guts will feel like they've just gone through a meat grinder. I guarantee: She love you long time.
Broham, how was last night with that Cougar?

It was awesome brah! I was crushing guts all night long.
by jdpower August 13, 2010
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Another term for sex or fucking. Going too deep and bottoming out in a chick.... or a dude if your a faggot.
(chick) "Just the thought of you inside me crushing guts makes me wet" (guy) You are welcome!
by HBK and Jimmy January 07, 2011
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