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A Bacardi loving socialite and gay icon known for her vulgarity, loudness and ability to beat your ass in a dance off. Enjoys ridiculous rap lyrics, talking shit, shiny things, a good sale, making fun of herself and others (but mostly others). Co-founder of the illustrious "Pudges" gang with members in South Florida and Chicago. The gang symbol is the beetle, which is worn by members in the form of a platinum and diamond medallion. Pudges often pose for pictures mean muggin', showin' off said medallion and sometimes even flashing their grillz. When not gang banging, partying, or getting hated on by the broke and unfabulous Crunktina spends her free time getting her nails done or checking out boys with her new besties Kyle (aka Buckwild) and Paul.
I hear that girl is at the bar every night. She probably doesnt work, but she always looks fresh. She's such a Crunktina.
by Crunktina Fan January 21, 2008
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