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1. Bitches (mainly of the Mexican origin) who find it fly to use entirely too much gel and or mousse and scrunches their hair. Giving a finished look much like ramen noodles.

2. Bitches that find it okay to wear a pair of underwear twice in a row thankin no ones gonna know bout that crusty crab. We all know bitch. Do ya laundry.
1. Girl1- you know that girl Kailey, the one that always wears too much gel in her hair and scrunches it
Girl2- yea she's a basic crunchy bitch

2. Guy- what's that stuff in yo panties girl

Girl- it's laundry day I didn't have anything else so I wore yesterday's again
Guy- hell no I don't mess with no crunchy bitch
by LexiG May 01, 2014
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