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Cruifinology, or CruiseToppinology, is an art form and a science. It is the study of cruise ships and ocean climates. To obtain expertise in Cruifinology(CruiseToppinology). an individual must take classes at a Cruifin Institution. The study of the design and model of the Cruise Ship is vital to understanding Cruifinology. It is important to understand the size, durability, and shape of the top deck in order to plan your Cruifin experience properly. The speed of the winds on the ocean are very important to understand as well as the changing speed of your respective cruise ship. Understanding weather patterns are important to avoid storms. Cruifinology also includes a basic astronomy course to understand the night sky that you are viewing while Cruifin since there is no light pollution in the middle of the ocean. It is the inalienable right of every Cruifer to have an amazing Cruifin experience.
Guy 1: Yo over winter break I went on a cruise in the Caribbean. At night, I went up to the top deck and sat there viewing the night sky, the universe. Dude it was awesome!! There was no light pollution! I was Roofin on the Cruise Ship!

Guy 2: Yo you were Cruifin!! Did you check the Cruifinology reports?

Guy 1: Nah I didn't know they existed. But I picked the right cruise ship and it was perfect.
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by Daytony500fan February 25, 2017
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