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in the military career you may have heard people being called a CROW BAG. The CROW stands for - Combat Recruit Of War - in other words a recruit and there isnt really a meaning to the bag it just an added extra.
look at those recruits, there are Crow Bags everywhere.
by ellie9162 January 14, 2012
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Combat Recruit Of War. A new recruit, or junior soldier at a unit in the British Army. Tends only to talk about basic training and, in their naivety, how amazing the Army is. Generally considered irritating by more experienced troops.
Soldier: ...So yeah, that was my Afghan.

Crow Bag: Oh that's like in Basic this time when-

Soldier: Shut up Crow Bag, I was in Baghdad when you were in your dad's bag.
by YeahItsThatGuySo January 26, 2016
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