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noun - vampire that feasts. Oh that special feast that comes about once a month. This vampire will target typically girls' crotch areas when there is blood to feast on.(menstrual blood)

(note: some men are able to produce blood in this area, typically followed by a stone of some sort. Most Crotch Vampires only take to the blood, but there are a few that use the (kidney)stones as something to chew on.)
Barbra better put some garlic outside of Susies room tonight, cause she's raggin' and the Crotch Vampires might come after her.
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1.) A more intense form of the STD Crabs.
2.) The lice-like creatures that infest the pubic hair of an individual suffering from said STD.
Crabs are contagious; Crotch Vampires are voracious.
by Tzepish March 02, 2005
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