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A phobia that can be determined if you suffer any of the following symptoms:

A)Intense anguish concerning essays to be done for your English teacher

B) Having the ability to sense when essays are going to be assigned and developing panic and/or gloom

C) Developing a Cross consciousness in which any program/movie/book you watch is constantly interrupted by a little voice that has a slight accent telling you to pay attention to a certain thing or telling you to view it in a critical/feminist/Marxist/archetypal lens

D)The sense that your English teacher is going to pop out of no where unless you see the world through a marxist/feminist lens or any other critical modern lens

E) After taking a certain class you can never view literature or media the same way ever again or questioning every little thing because critical lens have been drilled into you brain

F) spazzing about the littlest things that remind you of English class or your english teacher
I just know we are going to have an essay about this movie when we finish watching it, my crossaphobia is kicking in.

I can't watch this movie, my crossaphobia won't let me get over how badly females are portrayed in this movie.
by NVchococat February 21, 2012
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