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People who are in the worst shape who think they'll get in the best shape by doing the most intense exercises possible as fast as possible such as Cross Fit. The are easily noticed because the only thing they talk about is Cross Fit and eventually sustain a life long injury due to destroying a joint such as a hip, knee, shoulder, etc or a combo of joints or dropping a barbell on their throat.
Question - Hey what's up with Barb? She hasn't spoken all day?
Answer - Oh she blew out both knees and a hip then dropped a 300 lb barbell on her head over the weekend doing Cross Fit. Dr's said she'll be lucky to ever walk again.
Reply - Oh - that's right. She's one of those Cross Fitiots. Well at least we don't have to listen to her talk about squats and dead lifts any more.
by Gruteman June 02, 2014
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