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A creep; someone who seems pedophile-like.
Derived from Staten Island urban lore for a bogeyman who steals children.
May also refer to an object or situation that is creepy in a related sense i.e. a dilapidated shack, automobile, or rural people.
Jerry and Lee are driving down a country road in an unfamiliar area/town. The surrounding area looks eerily similar to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre . . . Lee turns to Jerry and simply says "Cropsey".
by Moo-Money December 05, 2010
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1. A person who changes his thoughts on a person often and causes tension in relationships

1. Being horrible in an obvious manner


1. To act idiotic
Noun; "Don't talk to that Cropsey!"

Adj; "You're being such a Cropsey!"
"That's such a Cropsey move."

Verb; "Stop Cropseying!"
by Flower321 July 22, 2017
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