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A type of imaginary dinosaur that feeds on pain and misery. It will devour sadness and anger, and often bad people, until only love and happiness are left. This is why everyone close to or within eating distance of the Crockosaur will be gripped by uncontrollable spasms of laughter, because anything that upset them has been devoured.

NB/ The Crockosaur cannot get rid of bad politicians, famine, AIDs (or other STD's), Cancer, evil villains such as Darth Vader or Count Dracula, armies or lawsuits.
"We were all bickering on D of E, but then Johnny noticed a Crockosaur and we all started laughing."

"My koawala bear died, and I was awfully upset, but a Crockosaur came along and ate it. For some reason this cheered me up."

"I was being sued because I gave my secretary AIDs. The Crockosaur came along and made us all feel a little better. However, the lawsuit remained, and so did the STD."
by The master of bears January 18, 2010
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