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Also known as the Crocker-Stearns Extension, Crocker-Stearns is a street that crosses through several towns such as North Olmsted and Westlake, and connects major roadways to Crocker Park. The Crocker-Stearns Extension was built off of Stearns Road, and can now accommodate 4 lanes of traffic where the original Stearns was only 2 lanes. Many people who live on the former Stearns Road lost their precious front lawns to the construction and widening of Crocker-Stearns, but it was worth it. They can now get to Crocker Park in less than 5 minutes! It is also a street where many people like to speed, because they think the sound barriers mean no one can see that they are speeding.
"I went with Hannah on Crocker-Stearns to get to Crocker Park last Tuesday. It wasn't as fun as the Walmart, though."
by Ch-ch-ch-changes! July 16, 2009
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