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A display of revanchist fanboy adulation of military equipment, which if challenged on the internet, leads to flamewars and adhominem attacks. A high degree of vituperation and use of expletives when asked to present arguements.

Also used for a display of high personal hubris when attempting to use oneself as a reference to authority but without the academic or professional qualifications to back it up.

Origin: Termed Crobatoism in deference to the foremost practitioners of this behavior on many internet forums, which caused them to close down as frequent use of expletives to "defend" military equipment made them infamous.
"Wait, so you are not a pilot, you are not a soldier, you are not a scientist, you are not a journalist, but you know more than all the above guys, is that Crobatoism or what?"

by Andy Mc Kenna May 27, 2006
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