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1. A hyper, high maintenance chick. She refuses to accept that she is high maintenance. She is extremely pretty, friendly, and kind. She has trouble holding still and has the attention span of a mosquito, and can sometimes be as annoying as one too. Despite of some of the negatives, she makes an awesome girlfriend, and everyone should date a Crisshelle. She also has a knack for speeding, getting pulled over, and not getting speeding tickets. Could due to next definition.

2. Also used as a word to describe a girl with huge breasts.
1. Crisshelle wouldn't you please hold still.

I wish I was as lucky as Jay, he's dating Crisshelle.

2. Holy crap, thats one hot Crisshelle over there.

Lets go to the strip club and look at some Crisshelles.
by superflyguy282010 February 08, 2010
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