A man that makes all other men seem like worthless assholes. He has a big heart, but an even bigger dick. A pure romantic, that makes all the girls sigh. A trustworthy individual.
I wish my boyfriend paid attention to me, I wish he was a Crisler!

My man doesn't satisfy me physically or emotionally, he is so not a Crisler.

Damn girl I'm horny. Let's go look for a Crisler!
by Kdizzlefizzlefizzlefizzle April 05, 2016
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The law of averages that states that sooner or later in a reason-minded discussion about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, someone will attempt to refute the entire discussion or argument with a statement equivalent to "But we're talking about four mutant ninja turtles living in a sewer!"
With no leg to stand on in the ninja turtle debate, Jerry invoked Crisler's Law.
by Kevin Laird December 23, 2011
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