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When you suddenly have a flashback to a moment in your life that causes your entire body to seize up with the horrifying feeling of "cringe", self loathing and regret.

This can occur the day after a night of heavy drinking. many years later in the most unexpected of times causing profuse sweating, full blown epiphanies and heart palpitations.
A) John walked into the office on Monday after the Christmas Party. He suddenly remembers vomiting on the photocopier, punching his boss and the suggestions he made to Deborah from HR to do with his manhood.

Generic office worker: "What is the matter John?"

John: "I've just had a horrific Cringeback to Friday night, did I really do all those things !?"

Generic office worker : "Yes John you're a real asshole, Deborah is my wife , in fact you don't even have a job here any more, no one likes you John , you're a dick".

B) You're standing in a club and see someone you knew from many years back and realise what you use to be like suddenly , causing a full "out-of-body" Cringeback to your previous self.
by Schlads August 02, 2015
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