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The Crimsonette Flag Corps is a group of teenage girls who attend East Providence High School. They wear tiny uniforms made up of 10 pounds of sequins and white go-go boots. They're job is to make the Townie Marching Band look pretty and add some piz-azz to the half time show. Some of the girls maybe be stuck up, egotistical byotches, but others are down to earth sweethearts with the teams best interest at heart. The team is made up of about 17 girls that try out in a week long session in May. Any girl can try out for this team, as long as they attend the high school. The Crimsonettes are looked upon as spirited and fun ladies who bring more pep to football games than the cheerleaders ever could. it is a known fact that the Townie Football Team wins more games with the Townie Band and Crimsonette Flag Corps present. They don't need sort skirts and pom-poms to bring out the best in their school, even though their skirts are short and pom-poms are sometimes shared by the cheerleaders. These girls are masters with poles...flag poles that is. They can do all sorts of moves that could easily cause injury to themselves and others around them. Band kids are easily mesmerized by their talents and usually ask to be taught some other the moves in the routines. Crimsonettes = amazingness<3
Porque? Yo no se!! - Crimsonette Flag Corps
Shelbi! Pick up the phone! - Crimsonette Flag Corps
TELEKINESIS!!! - Crimsonette Flag Corps
by ForeverCrimsonette March 07, 2010
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