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1. Anything ridiculous, rank, boring, slooty, or down right crude.

2. An extended unpleasant period of time.

3. A term of endearment.

Etymology: Believed to be a Mid-Western derivative of criminently. The term originated when a localized group of men and women in the Saint Louis area began using "crimmon" as a generic term to express annoyance in the work place. The term was later shortened to "crime" and grew to encompass a wide variety of nonspecific meanings. The term was even incorporated into many phrases such as "the early bird gets the crime" "crime on my lime," "key crime pie," and of course "crime-a-lime-a-ding-dong." As the word grew in popularity, it also became incorporated into the nicknames of many of its' users. Oddly enough, when used as (or within) a nickname, it became a term of respect, understanding, belonging and endearment...perhaps serving as a symbol of the unity of those individuals who chose to use the word often.
Did you see that girl's fucking disaster of a dress? It was so crimmon!

What a dick! You know with that slooty attitude he's going to be single for eight million crimmons!

Hey Crimecake!! Where have you been all day?! I've missed you like crazy!
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