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1. Resident of Crewe, Virginia.

2. Often shops at Dollar General for groceries (shrimp included)
3. Eats at; Long John Silvers, Arbys, Subway & Country Chicken ALL in the same gas station, yet is comfortable with the fact that you will never get what you want. They won't have that item available until tomorrow.
4. More than likely is missing either siding, a window, or portion of their roof, possibly all...yet yard is mowed religiously to avoid fines.
5. Knows the Valero Rotisserie chicken is the bomb and not to eat at Hardees after breakfast or is prepared to wait for 45 minutes for their #4
6. Doesn't mind the noise of trains or the outlandish number of police you pass on your way though town.
7.Frequents Big Dogs to scope out local trash. If you have all your teeth, you win.
"Crewetons for life!"

"Crewe, Virginia home of the Crewetons!"
by Creweton69 June 12, 2013
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