A co-ed version of a dude's night or girl's night with your OG crew
Ex 1:

Person A: What are your plans for tonight?
Person B: I'm hanging out with the crew.
Person A: Oh, that sounds like fun. Can I come?
Person B: I would invite you, but it's a crew night.

Ex 2:

Person A: I thought you said you were hanging out with your friends. Why is there a pic of a woman with you guys last night?
Person B: I was with my friends. It was a crew night. We've been friends before we met.
by Ldarmstrong March 13, 2017
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A ragtag bunch of homosexuals that like to explore each others orifices while they are suppose to be working.

They tend not to get much done except for mouse replacements and stuck floppy disks.
night crew failed to fix anything. why are the chairs all sticky?
by security November 13, 2003
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An elite faction of tremendously dodgy cunts. To gain acceptance from the group you must perform a array of death-defying tasks such as consuming a perverse quantity of alcoholic beverages. The Boiz Night Crew are feared by all and respected by none. The faction consists of sixteen members carefully selected judging on their pussy fucking abilities. Each associate is equivalent as there is no dominant leader. Women are seldom permitted to associate with The Boiz Night Crew unless their pussy is on the table, if this is the case all members are permitted to thrash it out.
Officer 1: The woman's corpse was covered in semen and every orifice was emitting blood.

Officer 2: obviously the work of The Boiz Night Crew.

Officer 1: OH GOD....

Officer 2: A few years back they had their way with my wife and children, I don’t think I ever entirely recovered from what I witnessed that day. Most nights I sit alone with nothing but my desolation to keep me company, pondering on how their souls were blackened to such an extent. I have lost all hope in society.
by the boiz night crew May 9, 2011
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