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Cresa is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. Her eyes light up the world when your having a bad day, and she has a smile that will make your heart melt. She is the most beautiful girl that the world has ever seen. Your life is not complete until you know a Cresa. She surprises you daily with how awesome she truelly is. Cresa's are also unbelieveably nice.

Her personallity is everything that a guy could ever ask for. She can will blow your mind with her dance moves and leaves you speechless with every word.
Cresa's are kind, caring, thoughtful, and EXTREMELY attractive.
Dude, you haven't met Cresa yet? No wonder your always in a pissy mood....
by StudlySniper March 04, 2012
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The most incredible girl you'll ever meet. She'll forever be stuck in your mind and not as a nuisance. But, more of a constant reminder that perfection does exist. Don't take her for granted because the second you do, it'll be the biggest mistake of your life. Day by day you'll remember what it felt like to be unconditionally happy When you were with her. She's got a smile that'll kill and eyes prettier than an Hawaiian sunset. She listens to all the right music, while she Plays LoL with you. Once you have her, never let her go.
I could see my self with that cresa girl got for the rest of my life
by Dtownkid March 29, 2015
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