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Creffo simply explains the awkward conversational moments between 2 or more people.

It can happen at any minute.
Somebody just couldn't keep up in the conversation and got tripped up. Then that person says the most awkward sentence anybody could have ever even trembled a whisper.
This friendly chat will completely die within 5 seconds. Nothing can miraculously save it.
Your best choice is 1 of 2 things that will happen depending on who you are...
1)You we're the witness or recipient of the Creffo, don't hesitate, don't gawk or stare. Just run. Turn 180° around and run. Just get the hell away from that Creffo.
2)You Creffo'd. Here's How To Handle: Since the embarrassment from the Creffo will surely have numbed out any shame or loss of self-worth. Leaving you incapable of properly functioning. Flabbergasted at your own stupidity you only make garbled gibberish sentences and neanderthal/caveman hand gestures.
Your only hope is to be aware of every word coming out of your mouth, that way when you do Creffo it won't scare the s**t out of you and you end up playing in it as your brain devolves into a neanderthal peanut sized gray matter.

(> '_' )>^( '_' )^<( '_' <)
"Gee Tommy, our first day at first grade!" Emilio exclaimed.
"Oh I know bro. Hey Emilio, at your birthday sleep over party last week.... I stuck my nose in your mom's brown eye." Tommy said.
Emilio cried out "I wish I'd stop dreaming about that"
Tommy was shocked.
Emilio had Creffo'd.
by Krutch February 10, 2018
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