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A creep who thinks he is better than everyone else by doing stuff like meeting a 50cent or Diversity the dance group and getting a tatoo. A Creepeadophily often has spots and a terribly ugly girlfriend, but he thinks she is so hot and tries showing pictures of her to you but you think he is a creep so you ignore him. He also tries talking alot on msn which you can ignore bye clicking the "X" button on the conversation. If you meet a Creepeadophily there is a few steps you can take to avoid him:

1. Say "get a breath mint" 2. Insists he smells of b.o and has greasy hair(which he will deny but this is true)

3. Throw rocks at him, and continue until 5 minutes after he stops moving.
Lets throw rocks at that Creepeadophily

We have a Creepeadophily causing troule in the childrens play area, over requesting backup, we may need some spot cream.
by FrogsManSam July 24, 2009
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