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the sweetest girl alive.She's really beautiful her smile is outrageous her eyes are just georgous and she's one of a kind. she's special and she's always there for you anytime you need her she's the real defnition of a bestfriend. she is outgoing wild and very loud but she's always has a good time with whatever she does. she's very independent but she does want a guy but he has to be one that lives up to her standerds. she loves her family and friends she's really smart and she loves to help. she's very slick at the mouth so if you want to argue with her you have to be prepared. but overall she's a real good person and she always will be there for you.
"oh wow look at that creauni dang i need to get wit her!"

"mann she's really sweet you should be more like creauni"
by bummble March 14, 2010
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