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A term describing a type of person who enjoys self-inflicted punishment, and disgust. Such activities that are enjoyed include 'beating ones on dick with a hammer until it bleeds', 'wishing to chop off a scrotum, dick, and shaved pubes, mix them in a pan, and eat them whilst to "savor the flavor"', as well as being CLEARLY accurate in depicting false prophecies.

A Creatineted enjoys getting drunk, logging on to games, and just running around in circles complaining about how people are not playing the game, just standing there.
That fucking guy is a Creatineted, he wont shut up about people standing around.

Is that guy having a period, or is he a Creatineted?

Ian just told me a Creatineted just said "I am going to eat Ian's scrotum and dick"
by Dcact February 27, 2011
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