The act of taking a dump, rising, turning around, and then ejaculating on top of the shit. If there are multiple persons doing this, it’s called a Franko experiment.
It wasn’t until Brad walked into the bathroom to piss that he saw why Josh was moaning so loud this morning. In the toilet sat a helpful serving of creamed beef.
by willyblake203 March 23, 2019
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A term usually used when referring to the need to take a shit. Sometimes can also be connected to greasy morning after dumps from a long nights drinking.
.....hold that thought. I gotta go lay down a creamed beef on rye.
by kdson January 14, 2011
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I thought the night was going quite uneventful but out of nowhere he gave me the cream of beef.
by catlover89 June 23, 2021
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The act of ejaculation after receiving a blumpkin as you drop a meaty Duce.
Old Blowy got a beef & cream from swisher Sweden after his birthday Taco Bell meal.
by Slobbin the Didly February 18, 2016
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