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Mostly used in the area of Fairfield/Liverpool in Sydney.
This word refers to a person who is fat. Sometimes the person doesn't have to be fat but can say fat things. Can also be called fatty.
fatty: I want some of that donutttttt :D
skinny: ur a creambun brooooooo

skinny: I feel like krispy kremes.. will u drive me up to orange grove t0 get some?
person: whattttttaaaaaa CREAMBUN!
by sandraaa February 21, 2008
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1. The act of ejaculating while the penis is completely pancaked between a pair of breasts so that the cum is contained between them, hence a filling a bun with cream. Often a less messy alternative to the pearl necklace or facial. Requires either gigantic breasts or a smallish penis.
Afraid that he might ruin Leslie's makeup, Jon smothered his dick between her DDDs as he began to cum, cream-bunning her like a gentleman.
by Moriartius August 18, 2010
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"Cream Bun" sounds like "Hun" or Protestant, therefore forming "Creamer"

"He's a fuckin Cream Bun" or "He's a Creamer"

translation = That person over there is a protestant

Commonly used in Belfast/Northern Ireland
by Licketysplit January 29, 2008
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