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To cream into a dudes ass and have them fart it out onto your chest.
Mr Selani got dick fucked in the ass and Cream blasted it onto gridsons chest
by GoGoDaddy69 July 22, 2017
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Literal meaning: When a male shoots their sperm onto the skin of another individual or their self.

Metaphorical meaning: Empowering over ("owning") someone or something.

Figurative meaning: best World of Warcraft druid on alliance side - Creamblast on Frostmourne alliance.
Literal meaning: That was a total cream blast man, your junk went all up in that girls trunk.

Metaphorical meaning: Wow, that was a total creamblast, they just got annihilated!

Figurative meaning: Oh my god! That was Archdruid Creamblast that just flew past!! :O
by Archdruid Creamblast July 22, 2017
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