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A place where people go to macc biddddies or guys. its stupid because there will be no relationship outcome out of it. girls go there dressed to get raped and the guys go there to look like douchebags
I'm gunna go mack some shit at the Crazy Donkey
by KT:) August 29, 2010
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While you are on your bed, sitting on all fours, having your salad tossed from behind, you suddenly (players choice) begin shitting or pissing. At that point your girlfriend rears back only to see you looking back at her. At that point you give her a loud, "HEE HAW, HEE HAW", and then donkey kick her off the bed!
Mike: Hey Dallas
Dallas: Yeah?
You'll never believe what happened last night. I had this girl in my bed tossing my salad and I started to piss, gave a HEE HAW and pulled off the best Crazy Donkey ever.
by Myrtle Beach Allstars October 26, 2007
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