A punch of such force to a female's kidney while enjoying her from behind that she arches her back skyward while her body "freezes" in this position --- resulting in a quick
unconscious state....followed by urinary tract bleeding.
Once back at my place, I overheard this whore I picked up at the bar talking to her friend on the phone about heisting my wallet after getting me high....so I delivered her a Crazy Mary during sex so I could sleep in peace until late next morning before tossing her out.
by banshee01 April 19, 2006
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A kick ass song by victoria williams that is often covered by pearl jam in concert. Also our nickname for the butch lesbian bitch dyke state trooper that lives next door and always tells us to turn down the music.
Every time that dirty whore crazy mary comes home from work we play crazy mary as loud as possible
by maradona August 26, 2006
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