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A word describing someone who is obsessed with porn, sex toys, cussing and the general love of calamari. A lover of large amounts of facial hair and open to loving any musty hole! Easily blows small things out of proportion and can often times be found punching windshields or shooting holes through their truck!
My brother is a crazy asshole, he dislocated my shoulder last weekend and shot a hole in my car!
by Bonediggity September 07, 2010
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Not your commonplace, garden variety asshole. This asshole is far more clever and is very skilled in the art of making simple-minded fools go completely insane. Has the annoying habit of continuous nonsensical babble, and also loud, ornery vocal outbursts. They usually travel in pairs but are known to have gathered in groups of as many as 6 or 7 to go pestering poor, innocent people who wish to be left alone in the woods. Most will grow to be cenial old men who sit on their porch, play banjo, and talk to themselves (Damnit, Damnit, Damnit!).
You guy are a couple 'a CRAZY ASSHOLES! (you got any pot?)
by Lucious Fritzgerald August 05, 2005
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