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n. Craziation, Crazioactivity. Usually pertaining to ex-girlfriends or scorned lovers, this term is used to describe a person with a significant amount of emotional baggage.
"Kim called me 5 times and texted me 3 times in a two hour period after I told her I wanted to break up. Then she drove to my house and climbed in through the window, screaming, 'You said you loved me!'...on her way out, she slashed my tires. I guess that means she's crazioactive now, and can't be touched for another thousand years."

"I met a girl at the bar last night whose left eye kept twitching every time I mentioned football. Whenever a team on television scored a touchdown, she brought up a different horror story about one of her many ex-boyfriends. It was a high-scoring game. I started to feel the crazioactivity, so I told her I was going to the bathroom and never came back."
by McGuyger January 08, 2010
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