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An artistic instrument most commonly used by a friend who claims to have a girlfriend that none have met. Said friend most often procures a picture of the most likely fake girlfriend, which is in fact drawn by CRAYRONS. Crayrons are not your ordinary colored wax stick, when used they create 3-D life like images, complete with complexion, all necessary physical components, and facial expressions. Crayrons are excellent at fooling the average buddy into believing the picture is real, and you do in fact have a girlfriend, but a trained eye can tell when a picture is really a crayron drawring.

So beware! That picture may very well just be a crayron creation, and "Susan" could be a carbon crayron copy of some chick form a magazine.
"Dustin, does this 'Brittany' really exist? I haven't seen her yet."
"Yeah, heres a picture."
"Dude, this is totally a crayrons drawring! I knew she wasn't real!"
by usetheforze June 11, 2008
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