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The slow-burn wooing, with the ultimate aim of scoring, a person of the fairer sex.

Metaphor used because this wooing approach, like capturing crayfish, is a long-term game. Also one may deploy multiple craypots.

The craypot fishing approach is popular amongst gents because it is relatively low effort and high return. Like the real crayfishing it only involves the periodic checking of / tending to pot and top-up with the odd bit of "mullet"
β€œI dropped a cheeky craypot with that bird I met on the plane the other week”

β€œIt’s time you put a bit of mullet in that crapot and emailed her again”

β€œDon’t you go sniffing around my craypots in your dodgy tinnie or I'll have MAF onto you”
by Max Kaprun January 07, 2013
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