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a tiny town in the big bend Florida area located approx. 20 miles south of Tallahassee, FL. Just minutes away from the beach (Gulf of Mexico). Supposedly, Crawfordville was named after Dr. John L. Crawford who lived in the community and was the town's doctor. The town has grown a few nicknames: da-ville and da-county. Crawfordville is located in Wakulla (wuh-kull-la) county. Majority of the people are extremely nice with that small town flavor. Don't be surprise if you get carolers knocking at your door during Christmas time or calling your CVS and all they need is your first name and already got your prescription ready. Crawfordville is also known for excellent church homes and A schools for elementary and middle. The middle school was named best in the entire state. Ofcourse, rednecks do reside in this county sporting their confederate flags but are not a threat or make those from other races feel uncomfortable. The town's growth has increased drastically due to the over priced houses in Tallahassee.
Are you going to Crawfordville?
by tifnicbar July 24, 2008
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