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A significant moment in which a person will have either reached or exceeded their level of tolerance on the bull-shit scale. It is characterized as a bitch fit that often resembles that of Joan Crawford in the Movie "Mommie Dearest". Screaming, swearing, and cursing is often involved. No crap will be condoned. Crawford moments often occur in middle-aged women who are antagonized by their hell-raising children or needy husbands.
Joan: Tina, I will not allow any daughter of mine to wear tight-ass jeans and purple stripper boots out in public!

Tina: I'm not gonna listen to you! I'm gonna wear what I want and you can't stop me!

Joan: If you give me anymore of that bullshit, I'm going to have a Crawford Moment!!!

Tina: *Shudders* Ok fine, you win! Anything to keep that from happening!
by IHeartBitches July 28, 2010
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