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A technique for using a lighter when smoking from a pipe in which the lighter is held with the flint outside the thumb -to the right of the thumb (right handed) or to the left of the thumb (left handed). This is opposed to the traditional way of holding a lighter with the flint inside of the thumb.

The advantage of "cravey-ing" a lighter is that the lighter can be tipped on its side without burning the thumb of the smoker.

Although the origin of the name is disputed, one widely believed myth is that its called a "cravey" because anybody using it really "craves" marijuana.

While the cravey is better for avoiding burns, it often irritates the thumb of smokers not used to using it.

Also called "cravey-style."
1 - Dude, I can't get this bowl; the lighter keeps burning me!

2 - Just cravey that shit - you'll be good!
by CocaColaCid May 21, 2010
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