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When two friends start a conversation with both parties being fully aware of the falsity of their statements. The following exchange of words will typically be a hilarious and surreal exchange of related but obviously false claims. This dialogue of known lies ends when one of the friends points out that they are walking up, going up, or being led up the crap path. This is a good time to stop as continued crap path mileage usually results in the exchange getting beyond a joke and not being funny anymore.
"I got a lion in a toy shop once."
"What? A real one?"
"Well where is it now then? In the cupboard?"
"Get it out then."
"He won't take guests after eight."
At the point when continuing would go beyond a joke, the conversation should climax with somebody saying or shouting "Crap-path" before the humour dies and it stops being funny.
by PiedPiperOfParty May 17, 2010
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