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A bowling tournament held by all the school districts in Ohio annually. It is most notably played between Centerville school district and Blue Valley school district. The winner gets the Edward R. Crankshaft memorial trophy. The trophy travels from year to year depending on who won it last. Centerville has won it the most times.
Ed: (jumping up and down in excitement) We won again! The Crankshaft Bowl is ours!! Take that Blue Valley schools!!

Roger: (running back and forth down the bowling lanes screaming) Centerville rocks! Centerville rocks!!

Elmer: (gets a real stern look on his face) Roger, shut up! So we won, big deal! I don't want to hear another word about it you hear me?

Roger: (is hurt by the sterness of Elmer's voice, begins to cry) I'm sorry, I just got excited.

Max: (really mad, blue steam coming out of his ears) You won't be so lucky next time, Crankshaft! Next time, Blue Valley is taking that trophy back to Ashtabula.

Ed: Easy, you'll win it someday, trust me. Just don't get so excited over it.

Steve: Yeah, take it easy. This is the Crankshaft Bowl. You're supposed to have fun with it.

Ed: (holding the trophy like a dumbell, crunching his bicep) Sweet victory! Burgandy and gold rule and navy and powder blue drool! (sets the trophy down and pumps his fist in the air three times)
by Dusty's Baby Powder March 22, 2011
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