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I must first say, I am startled that this vital word has not already been defined. But, as it has not been, I feel it is my duty to do the deed. Put simply, cranatical is a mixture between crazy and fanatical. In truth, however, cranatical has a far more complex definition. Its utterance is to be taken seriously, though not without a dash of lighthearted humor--true to the AmerEnglish tradition, cranatical is a hybrid of two words, the lovechild of insanity and exuberance, ecstasy and madness, rhapsody and hysteria. Cranatical should not be used too often, due to its intensity, but when used, it should be shouted, screamed, yelled, and expelled from its speaker's mouth with fervor and ferocity.
Example One:

Upon finding himself chock-full of some kind of unbridled enthusiasm (drug induced, one might infer), T-Bone vociferated:

"Shit is cranatical!" Referring to his evening--and experience--thus far.

Example Two:

Upon arriving at a rather boisterous festivity, Shaquifa said to her male counterpart, Dutch:

"Damn boy, this party's fuckin craNATICAL"

(Note how Shaquifa chose to stress the latter segment of the word--this is commonly done to further emphasize its meaning)

These are merely two of countless instances where cranatical is an appropriate word choice. Given its versatility, I urge you now, reader, go now out unto the ripe Earth and speak this prodigious word with pride.
by l.n.r. February 17, 2009
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