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Crampos are what you get when your grandparents give you way too many cookies. You begin to get this huge painful sensation on your belly and your chest. You start to get crampos after 10-20 cookies depending on how drunk you are. 10 if you are just fancy drunk, 20 if you are hallucinating drunk. If you are passed out you will never get the crampos. Crampos, though related to cramps, are a lot more painful. Grandmas and grandpas, you will never get crampos.
Jimmy: Mommy! Grandmas giving me too many cookies I'm gonna get de crampos!
Mom: Hear drink this gin.
Jimmy: (drinks and cries) Ahhhh! It's too yukky mommy!
Mom: GODAMNIT! (tears up) honey take your suicide pills.
Jimmy: (swallows and then falls) Oh mommy! It's so warm in hell.
Mom: I love you so much baby. DAMN YOU CRAMPOS!
by Wonderson April 06, 2007
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