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Craigtillian. (Noun) A person from Craig, Colorado. Worst of the worst. I mean the absolute worst person in the entire human race. No morals. No self respect. Weak Weak Minded. They don't walk, they slither. The 18-35yo Craigtillian Males, run their mouths, woofin woofin woofin, til' they get crunched. Then they pick themselves up off the ground, or regain consciousness. First thing they do is dial 911. 18-99yo females are terrible.They're so nosey, if they can't find information on you, they make it up. They snitch on each other, and in some cases are hanging out the same night. They'll literally hang up the phone with the police, after telling on you, and come over to your house. 2 Faced, talk bad about someone when they're not around, but best friends when they see them in public. Totally oblivious to the fact that they are total scumbags. But are 100% aware that they are snitches, and are perfectly fine with it. They actually have zero idea what's going on in the real world. They're born and raised in a little town, and wouldn't last a night in a big city. Not 2hrs if they had any money on em. Fake. If they hear a secret, they wanna be the first to tell everyone, because they actually believe they're important if they know something you dont know.
Don't answer the door, it's a Craigtillian.
by Brainsick June 19, 2017
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