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What happens when you anonymously answer then screw over the person who places an ad on Craigslist by not showing up or being a bullshitter, only to have the same thing happen to you later on when you post something.
Aaron-I cant get any replies to my ad to sell my car
Jim-Well considering you answer ads just to mess with people, you are getting back Craigslist Karma.
by DVillan November 08, 2013
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The good deals and fair treatment I give when selling items on Craigslist entitles me to equally good deals when buying items on Craigslist.

This includes responding to emails, selling in order of response, helping people get items to the car, being reasonable when setting up meet times, and deleting the post after it has been sold, etc.
I got a great deal on this desk from Craigslist, plus they helped me carry it out! It must be my Craigslist Karma after listing that couch in the free section last week and delivering it.
by LouDogg81 June 01, 2010
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