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The general of a 10,000 man army who sought to conquer a group of 1,669 homosexual soldiers,(69-71 AD). During said battle, he came to realize that he, in fact, was a raging homosexual. He then proceeded to remove his genatalia from his person. Two dwarfs of the underworld then emerged from the fiery abyss and carried off his penis to the depths of hell. He was then reborn from the ashes and placed on the earth in the year 1989 AD for one sole purpose, to hunt and capture as many men's asshole as humanly possible. Of course, scientific facts often reject the theory of such "General Lee", however, it remains popular among wive's tales and folk lore.
Craig Lee may attempt to persuade his victims in an unorthodox manner. He flaunts his gayness and usually disregards the fact that others may not be equally or even slightly homosexual. Nevertheless, he will use relentless tactics such as extremely detailed and erotic situations in which he promises to thoroughly pleasure you far more intensely than any woman may ever dream of.

i.e. "Yeah, you want me to put your dick in my mouth while you shit all over my well kempt garden, only to witness me rubbing and completely immersing myself in your fecal matter. I will stick your dick in my asshole and fuck you so hard you will wish you could be on top of a mountain to scream my FUCKING name when you cum harder than you ever have in your entire life. Craig Lee my name."
by yeahokay March 02, 2007
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